New Hot Trend: Plugging Alcohol Soaked Tampons

Ze German school students have come up with a new means to endure their classes: soaking a tampon in alcohol and then shoving it up their vagina, or in rarer cases a male plugging it in the ol’ rectum. The Local German news also mentions it is uprising here in the US to, dubbed “slimming” here.

“In early March a 14-year-old girl collapsed during a street festival in Konstanz, apparently highly intoxicated from using a vodka tampon, the paper reported.”

Please don’t do this people, it is a dangerous practice and very unhealthy. Though out of curiosity can anyone answer as to whether it would be less damaging to the liver?


Edit: A certain Ryan Croft has brought to my attention Snopes digging into this case themselves, not being able to find any hard evidence of this. Personally, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least since I’ve heard of people doing much worse for their buzz.


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